Thursday, 3 March 2011

Update on "Mother Earth" Illustration

"Mother Earth" original has sold. This is both a happy and sad moment for me. Limited Edition prints are still available, as are greeting cards.

"Mother Earth" was inspired by her beauty, both spiritual and physical. The elements, the forces, the plants, the animals. She is, and always will be, beautiful.

Latest drawing I am working on.

The newest addition to my collection of art achievements is my illustration I will be naming "Life Cycle". It depicts a buck in the forest in a winter scene. A wolf is clearly visible, as are 2 other wolves seen only as shapes within the trees. The raven looks on, waiting for his meal to come. It was inspired by the ongoing battle between life and death, the need for food, and the never-ending sacrifice of one for the other. It is a beautiful sacrifice.

 It will be available for purchase once complete. Picture to be posted soon.

Moving date!

Well it is finally official! Moving day has been set for the end of the month. We will be heading to Manitoba to start the next chapter of our lives. The kids are stoked, as is the wife. She will be beginning her new career in the area of Social Work, continuing her freelance editor/copywriting, and other freelance pursuits as well. I will also continue my freelance artistic pursuits from the new location as well. Life is taking an exciting turn, and I cannot wait to see what it has in store!